2021 Sunscreen Film Festival

Client review: "Declan's design for 2020 was incredible, and I knew that he'd beat the year's previous design because he manages to each and every year. But I wasn't expecting such a powerful image that captured perfectly what every filmmaker was feeling - enough with Covid-19, we want to make a damned movie! Declan's design really resonated with filmmakers and attendees, and it - like it always does - elevetated Sunscreen's image, its brand to larger, mainstream film festivals." - Tony A. Founder (2020)

Annual film festival located in St. Petersburg, Florida, celebrating independent filmmaking.

Since the festival's inception in 2005, the collective goal has always been to celebrate independent filmmaking. As Creative Director, from 2006 through 2010, and 2019 to present, I believe branding is key. Also, as the original brand's creator and subsequently the brand's revisionist, my goal has always been and continues to allow Sunscreen's logo - Sunscreen's symbol - to stand out in a region which is replete with competing film festivals, many which have been in existence much longer than Sunscreen. A strong brand has always been the intent.

In support of the brand, before each festival year, begins the creation of a powerful key-art image, which is used throughout all designs to compliment the festival's theme and a design that can easily be formatted for a variety of digital collateral.

For 2021, my objective was to create a key-art design that represented the dogged determination of the independent filmmaker, rising from the ashes, in protest, determined to create art irrespective of the challenges that a worldwide pandemic presented. As a result, the 2021 Sunscreen Film Festival broke pre-Covid attendance and box office records.

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