Let's Go to the Movies!

Client review: "Declan's one-sheet designs, in many ways, often make the movie look better than it actually is. They do the job and are way better than what the distribution companies make" - Austin B.

Aside from the trailer, the Movie Poster is what puts butts in seats!

It's Friday night. You and yours puruse the row of movie posters. They're eye catching and tell a story: horror, comedy, adventure, sci-fi? That's my favorite. The movie poster is as iconic as apple pie and baseball, and they're collectable!

Over the years, I've designed my fair share of movie posters, and these above are some of my best, designed for local filmmakers, many of which filmed their stories in St. Pete-Clearwater.

There's something about a movie poster. Irrespective of a film's budget, the movie poster is often times the only production valued found. It's the epitome of classic advertising principles - sell, sell, sell!

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