Running With Demons

Amazon Prime reviews: "Really inspirational!" "Inspiring and a Touching Film," "Watch it!" "Outstanding Film" - 3.7 of 5 Stars

A film produced to educate youngsters on the dangers of drug/alcohol addiction, and inspire...

In 2009, for the first time in Ultraman's history, a film crew accompanied and filmed Todd Crandell, an extreme endurance athlete and former addict, along a 3-day, 512km (318.6 mile) swim, bike, and run event. During the course of the race, Todd faced the many demons left behind from years of alcohol and drug abuse and the untimely death of his mother who committed suicide when Todd was very young.

Running With Demons has played to a host of domestic and international film festivals, winning awards for: Best Documentary (2012, Pennine Film Festival, UK), Best Editing (2013, Best of Tampa Bay Film Festival), Best Director Nomination (2013, Color Tape International Film Festival, AUS), Official Selection (2012, Sunscreen Film Festival, US), Official Selection (2012, Ojai Film Festival, US), Official Selection (2013, Gasparilla Film Festival, US), and Official Selection (2013, Sunscreen West, US). Distributed on multiple platforms for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, the Internet, and DVD, Todd continues to exhibit the film worldwide, helping youngsters and adults who battle with drug and alcohol addiction.

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