St. Petersburg Festival

Client review: "The logo and all the advertising, promoting the first event was spectacular and really helped put the St. Pete Festival on the map." - Bob. L. The Suncoasters

Celebrating the arts in St. Petersburg, Florida, the Sunshine City

Since the 1950s, the Suncoasters of St. Petersburg, a civic organization comprised of business professionals, helped promote their city with the famed parade event, the Festival of States celebration. Over the years, however, interest in the annual event began to fade. In 2015, the Suncoasters began an initiative to renew their efforts by creating a new event called the St. Petersburg Festival, and it began with a new identity.

At the conclusion of several rounds of designs, the arts festival’s board of directors enthusiastically chose the logo you see above. To accompany the new logo, the Suncoasters of St. Petersburg commissioned marketing and advertising collateral, such as posters, promotional palm cards and regular inserts in local newspapers. Upon seeing the collective marketing materials, as the headlining sponsor, the Suncoasters decided to finally upgrade their brand (see pelican logo under corporate logo designs on this site).

The St. Petersburg Festival was a huge success from 2015-2017.

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