- About the Project

Like the Pirate's Treasure Chest project, the creation of game and animation movie assets very much inspired this project. Although some artist take to digital sculpting quickly, unfortunately, I am not one of those artists. Nevertheless, I managed to sculpt Boris the Shark entirely within Blender's (v2.83) powerful digital sculpting workspace. This project reached deep within an untapped part of my creative-brain and really challenged me, but in the end, Boris the Shark turned out okay.

I'd like to thank the incredible Blender artist, Kent Trammell for crafting the sculpted shark tutorial for CGCookie.com and for his input and advice.

Created using Blender v2.83 and Adobe Photoshop. Interact with the model using the 3D widget. Click here if you do not see the 3D widget provided by SketchFab.


- What's Next? -

Vah'room! Vah'room! An iconic bike, the 90's Harley Davidson Fatboy motorcycle. A 600 pound, 1340cc air-cooled monster!

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