- About the Project

As a burgeoning 3D artist, it doesn't get any better than hard surface modeling, and mastering the art of creating realistic vehicles like cars and motorcycles. It's sort of a rite of passage. This project derives from an extensive tutorial that examined the modeling of a 1990's era Harley Davidson Fatboy using Autodesk Maya, preparing the model and topology for textures and material surfacing in Adobe Substance Painter, and finally rendering with Arnold.

Key take away concepts learned were hard surface modeling in Maya 2023, UV Mapping, Normal Maps in Adobe Substance Painter, creating Color IDs in Maya, creating materials in Substance Painter, and rendering in Arnold, Marmoset, or in the Unreal Engine. As a comprehensive project, I then produced a custom environment completely within Maya 2023 for the final renderings seen here.

Models like this one are not only used in computer and console games and films, but using Arnold, I rendered this project for web, 2D, and print in marketing and advertising campaigns, another very popular outlet for 3D models.

- What's Next? -

A collection of print one-sheets (movie posters) designed for local independent short, documentary, and feature-length films; approximately 28"x40" in scale.

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