- About the Project

Inspired by popular Action, Adventure and Christian video games, this scene captures a single moment in time that tells the story of a quaint, cozy cottage found deep within the dark woods or a magical forest early in the morning light.

The focus of this scene is the rustic fireplace crowned in antler and bookended by a pair of whimsical shelves. One could easily expect a grandma or grandpa to walk into the scene, sit down in their favorite chair, knit from handspun, wooly yarn, or enjoying a puff from a trusty tobacco pipe; perhaps a sip of grog, all awhile enjoying a warm fire.

The series of time-specific Arnold renderings: early-morning, high-noon, and late-evening, demonstrates how light and a camera angle can help tell a story. The goal of the single-color renderings is to exhibit the light in the scene as the sole actor, visualized using value, which assists the viewer to appreciate the many three-dimensional forms, displaying aesthetics, balance, movement, shape, scale, and composition.

- What's Next? -

2023 Sunscreen Film Festival Key-Art and other various marketing collateral.

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