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The year 2013 marked the 500th anniversary of La Florida's founding by Spanish explorer, Juan Ponce de León (1513). In response, the Florida State Fair, the state's oldest mid-winter fair, tasked St. Petersburg-based ad agency, Wilson Media Branding & Advertising with producing creative to reflect the state-wide celebration of Florida.

One of the key attractions of the fair, dating back to 1915, is agriculture and animal husbandry, which led to the creation of the Cowquistador, a mashup of a Spanish Conquistador and a Brown Swiss cow - the Fair's first mascot - which also became the theme for the fair's event branding.

The 2013 Florida State Fair saw record attendance thanks to an extensive print and television advertising campaign seen state-wide and in key-markets throughout central Florida. The creative for the 2013 Florida State Fair was very well received, but the television spot filmed at Fort De Soto park was especially fun and appropriate, considering the park's history.

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Creative for the 2009 Documentary Feature-Length Film, Running with Demons. Co-Produced/Co-Directed and Edited by Declan Flynn; winner of multiple awards.

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