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Todd Crandell, once a drug addict and alcoholic eventually blossomed into the leader of one of America's top drug and alcohol treatment facilities, Racing for Recovery. But Crandell also had turned into an extreme endurance athlete, running, swimming, and biking in dozens of Ironman competitions all over the world, some back-to-back! Crandell's controversial, yet effective method for helping those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction involved training them for and participating in Crandell's organization's 2.5k and 5k races as well as the Ironman. However, for this documentary film, Crandell was to participate in the Ultraman Canada competition, basically an Ironman race on steroids.

In picturesque Penticton, British Columbia, throughout three grueling days and over 320 miles, a film crew followed Crandell along a 6.2-mile swim, an 89.7-mile bike ride (day 1), followed by another 171.5-mile bike ride, culminating in a 52.6-mile run to the finish line. Throughout, Crandell spoke about the demons that torment him, his regrets, lessons learned, but also about his bouts of severe depression and thoughts of suicide.

This compelling, award-winning documentary make be viewed on Amazon.com.


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