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3D Design


Project Details

A showcase of various 3D modeling and animation projects created in Autodesk Maya and more recently, Blender; a demonstration of skils that will expand in the future.

3D Modeling & Animation

Category : 3D Design

A fascination and growing passion for three-dimensional modeling and animation.

From my burgeoning attempts in 3D back when programs like Newtek's Lightwave 3D Studio Max were breaking new ground, to Maya and now Blender, the examples seen on this page are indeed works in progress. Currently not a professional 3D artist only learning the latest in mesh modeling, shading, lighting, and animation, focusing exclusively in Blender, my goal is to merge the many years of experience in storytelling and filmmaking, compositing, and video editing with 3D art to create short and feature length animation. So, please visit this page often as my portfolio grows, and share in my growth as an emerging 3D artist.

Project Goal 1

To unlearn the bad 3D modeling and animation habits of my past and relearn a new 3D program (Blender) with a rejuvinated curiosity for how things work; the why and the how.

Project Goal 2

To grasp the fundamentals of 3D modeling, which includes the new Blender interface, mesh or polygonal modeling, digital sculpting, textures and shading, modifiers, retopology, hard surface modeling, character modeling, rigging, and animation.

Project Goal 3

To diversify the services I currently offer by adding a new discipline while furthering my prowess in storytelling, film production and post-production.

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