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St. Pete Clearwater: A Scenic Journey


Project Details

The video version of the printed book, "St. Pete Clearwater: A Scenic Journey," demonstrating the beauty and uncommon diversity of the St. Petersburg, Clearwater area of Florida, focused on locations for the entertainment industry, using motion graphics.

St. Pete Clearwater: A Scenic Journey

Category : Video Motion

Location Scouting book, illustrating the beauty of St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Florida

One of the principle objectives of a County Film Commission is to promote and market the municipalities within its county. One way is by demonstrating value as a destination for film and television production. The idea behind the animation was to highlight the 24 cities within Pinellas County, Florida, by illustrating the beauty and diversity of the various locations by animating our glossy, professional photographs cut to upbeat and engaging music to entice location scouts, working for film and television production companies to consider filming in Pinellas County.

The 9-minute video is filled with stunning landscape and architectural photographs taken by area photographers and sheds light on the wonderful history of Pinellas County, Florida. This project was commissioned by Visit St. Pete/Clearwater’s Film Commission, a Pinellas County government office.

Client Review:

"Declan did an amazing job animating the coffe table style book, and I use this video quite a bit when promoting the area to local and outside filmmakers. It just demonstrates Declan's ability to take an already awesome project one step further." - Tony A. Film Commissioner

Project Goal 1

To promote and market St. Pete Clearwater and Pinellas County's 22 other municipalities in a concise yet informative way that could easily be presented to a client considering Pinellas County for their film/TV location needs - goal achieved!

Project Goal 2

To demonstrate to Pinellas County government that its Film Commission is aggressively and creatively promoting and marketing Pinellas County to local, regional and outside filmmakers, television and entertainment producers and photographers - goal achieved!

Project Goal 3

To effectively utilize the many photographic resources contained within the Visit St. Pete Clearwater and Film St. Pete Clearwater's location database in a creative manner, promoting the destination - goal achieved!

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