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Film SPC Video Intro


Project Details

An animated video intro, preceeding each video presentation produced at the St. Pete Clearwater Film Commission.

Film SPC Introduction

Category : Video Motion

A motion graphics introduction, depicting Film SPC's logo projected through a 35mm projector

The concept was to create a video introduction, preceeding all produced video projects using motion graphics (Adobe After Effects CC). As a County department in the film industry, the idea was to use film related imagery, in this case a 35mm projector, as if looking into the projector's lens. That meant using After Effect's 3D layers and cameras to get the desired effect while compositing the Film Commission's brand and other integrated graphics and animation.

This video intro is still in use today although it was produced back in 2018.

Client Review:

"Because we are actively engaged in the film industry, filmmakers are all too familiar with the glitzy and glamorous animated introductions used in cinema today, so that was the idea here, and Declan nailed it." - Tony A. Film Commissioner

Project Goal 1

To brand St. Pete Clearwater Film Commission's video projects in an engaging and effective way that filmmakers are accustomed to - goal achieved!

Project Goal 2

To demonstrate the creative prowess of the St. Pete Clearwater's Film Commission, an agency that fully understands post-production processes and visual effects and animation - goal achieved!

Project Goal 3

To create engaging digital content, utilizing industry standard software and techniques, demonstrating to the Board of County Commissioner's that Film SPC is a cutting edge media-centric organization that possesses the skills to compete in the public or private sectors - goal achieved!

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