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Hayden's Gate


Project Details

A virtual environmental designed and produced entirely in the Unreal Engine. The purpose of Hayden's Gate was to delve deep into environmental design (i.e., virtual world building), but also to tell a story of Hayden's Gate, a sacred, venerable site for Warrior travellers to pay their homage to the fallen.

Hayden's Gate

Category : 3D MOTION Design

Virtual Environmental Design - World Building

Epic Games' Unreal Engine has long been known as a powerful software program enabling game developer/designers build virtual worlds. As a previsualization (previs) tool used also by filmmakers, I wanted to learn how to create a believeable, virtual environment that could also be projected onto an LED Volume, used as a virtual backdrop in the filmmaking production process.

Aside from being a digitally crafted image, I also wanted the evironment to tell a story of a revered, sacred place where warrior travellers go to remember the fallen and pay homage in memoriam. Unreal Engine's Cinematics, mimicking high-end cameras and the Sequencer allowed to creation of the animation included above.

My Review:

"I am extremely proud of my accomplishment and how amazing this project turned out, considering it was my very first project in the Unreal Engine. But I am most amazed at how much I learned." - Declan Flynn. Artist

Project Goal 1

To unveil the mystery behind Epic Games' Unreal Engine, learn the interface, the processes, the workflow, and finally how to work with 3D meshes and materials - goal achieved!

Project Goal 2

To understand how to create and place cameras (cinematics), compose a shot, and experiment with the camera's settings, and lastly, how to animate the cameras over a length of time - goal achieved!

Project Goal 3

To animate the scene's cinematics (cameras) and how to render the camera's view in Sequencer - goal achieved!

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