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Office Interior


Project Details

A virtual environment project designed and produced in Blender and the Unreal Engine. This project was originally a audition project, later cancelled, then turned into a challenge project to dive deeper into the Unreal Engine and Blender.

Office Space

Category : 3D MOTION Design

Virtual Environment Design - Architectural

After seeing a rise in architectural renderings online by Epic Games and other social media sites, and having an appreciation for architecture (which I studied in college), this project challeneged everything that I had learned from a previous project (Hayden's Gate). Although the Unreal Engine had (as of version 4.27.2) 3D modeling capabilities, I decided to create the office interior in Blender, including the materials and textures, and then import the overall model (in pieces) into the Unreal Engine

This project, as previously mentioned, forced me to question how to better improve the process of incorporating 3D models into the Unreal Engine, including crafting material nodes, lighting, and finally, the cinematics required for animation and rendering. Upon the project's conclusion, I learned additional processes regarding material nodes, global illumination (GI), post processes, and cinematic rendering.

My Review:

"Perhaps the most detailed project that I've ever done, including in Blender. Very satisfied with the aesthetic I intended to capture and the technical processes learned." - Declan Flynn. Artist

Project Goal 1

To build upon the lessons learned in my first virtual environment project in the Unreal Engine and to expand those technical processes, working with multiple digital content creation programs - goal achieved!

Project Goal 2

To better understand post processes and the complications of Global Illumination, shadows, material interactions with indirect lighting, etc. - goal achieved!

Project Goal 3

To focus on improving my understanding of camera cinematics, lenses, shot composition, and animation - goal achieved!

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