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Corporate Logo Designs


Project Details

Logo designs that present a company's identity, differentiating it from all else and can withstand the test of time, subconciously presenting a feeling of trust and value and builds loyalty over time.

Corporate Logo Design

Category : Design Branding

"A logo says everything without saying a word." - A. Westgarth

A logo, if designed properly, should express a feeling of integrity, trust, pride and a host of other subconscious or subliminal, positive reactions. A new brand faces many challenges, among these are recognition and awareness, getting one's brand out into the market to compete with others and then there's retention, loyalty and pioneering - how long can that loyalty last? All these things and more go into crafting an effective logo, and it all begins with research about the company, that company's mission and culture, and its market(s).

When designing a logo, for the longest time, simplicity was key, and largely, that truism remains. However, today, effective logo design, I believe, goes deeper than simplicity. My process begins by posing several key questions, and I keep these questions in the forefront of my mind as I begin to draft the initial concepts. For example, how can I make the logo distinctive and memorable? What shape, color, and typography can I use to make the logo modern, yet timeless? What shape should I use so that it is scalable and adaptable? The above designs went through this same process and many have, so far, seen great successes.

Client Review:

"As a start-up festival in a region where other film festivals had established a strong foothold, Declan knew that Sunscreen needed a logo that appeared as if we've always been around, a brand that could grow as we did, and he nailed it. Fifteen years later, we are now recognized worldwide!" - Tony A. Sunscreen Founder

Project Goal 1

To create a logo that identifies and differentiates, an identity that becomes the face of a company to the outside world; a brand that doesn't sell a product or a service per se, but can remind customers that their product or service equats to quality, a brand that can be trusted - goal achieved!

Project Goal 2

To build instant brand recognition; to assist in the recollection of a company's service or product, utilizing the essential principles in effective logo design accomplished with using both a wordmark and a memorable symbol - goal achieved!

Project Goal 3

A design that stands the test of time; a logo that does not merely lean against fades or fancy trends that are here and gone the next. To craft a logo that is simple yet distinctive, blending good typography and iconography together - goal achieved!

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