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Production Insurance: What! & Why?


Project Details

A fun, yet instructional video, explaining to filmmakers, photographers, and digital video content creators the important of possessing general liability insurance and why it is required.

Production Insurance: What! & Why?

Category : Video Editing

A fun video, explaining why filmmakers and photographers need production insurance.

The topic of insurance is not always a fun and engaging subject, so the goal was to shoot and edit a lighthearted, yet educational video for the St. Petersburg Clearwater Film Commission's website and YouTube channel. Film Commissioner, Tony Armer wanted a video that would explain to filmmakers, photographers, and digital content creators the importance of having a general liability policy, why the Commission requires it and how production insurance forms work.

Because Pinellas County, Florida, is comprised of 24-municipalities that each have their own requirements, the video highlights the City/County specific verbiage and illustrates the industry standard forms required. The video also features websites where filmmakers and photographers may acquire production insurance at competitive rates as well as tips on how to film without insurance.

Client Review:

"Let's face it, the subject of insurance is boring! But, Declan found a great way through music, graphics and outtakes to make insurance actually fun!" - Tony Armer, Pinellas County Film Commissioner

Project Goal 1

To produce a video that demonstrates the importance of general liability insurance, covering all the necessary points related to insurance and County/City requirements - goal achieved!

Project Goal 2

To educate a usually occupied audience about the intricacies of risk management and production insurance without boring, lecturing or otherwise crafting too much of a cerebral experience - goal achieved!

Project Goal 3

To reach a wide audience whether a veteran or novice filmmaker, photographer, or digital video content creator, by producing a brief video that would complement other Film SPC videos online, e-mail or via the cloud - goal achieved!

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