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Project Details

Like any business, law firms and security companies, too, operate in a competitive environment and like a corporation, law firms also need an identity that stands out from the rest.

Legal Sector Logo Designs

Category : Branding Design

Progressive designs for a risk-averse sector fraught with sameness...

I think it is safe to say most of the legal branding comprise of two to three names, which represent founding partners' last names. Unlike corporations or small businesses, lawyers and law firms are heavily restricted from advertising and marketing their legal services in ways that might portend any sort of ambiguity. The advertising guidelines prescribed by their state's bar associations are, in many ways, very conservative.

However, irrespective of ostensibly stringent guidelines, the goals for effective logo design and branding are very much the same: value, voice and tone and targeting a firms' market. Like law firms, security companies also seem to follow a typical, visual iconography like, for example, the use of shields, stars, eagles, flags, etc. My goal as a designer, and I believe the work above reflects the foregoing, is to find a balance between the provincial comforts law and security clients sort of cling to and those progressive concepts that can take their branding to another level, differentiating their practice or agency from their competition.

Client Review:

"When you have a legal problem, you call a lawyer. But when I need a logo for a law client, I call Declan Flynn." - Paul. W. Wilson Media

Project Goal 1

To create a logo that identifies and differentiates, that becomes the face of the firm to the outside world; a brand that doesn't only sell a service, but becomes their identity, reminding clientele that their service has quality - goal achieved!

Project Goal 2

To build instant brand recognition; to aid a client to recall one's brand, an essential principle in effective logo design, one that is done with both a wordmark and a memorable symbol - goal achieved!

Project Goal 3

A design that stands the test of time; a logo that does not rely on fades or fancy trends, here one day and gone the next. To craft a logo that is simple yet distinctive, blending good typography and iconography together - goal achieved!

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