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What I Do

Graphic Design

Whether purely digital or traditional print design, from branding and logo design, to art direction; trust in 20 plus years experience with binding, bleeds, coated or uncoated, indicias, brand management, and communicating messages in innovative ways.


Motion & Graphics

Utilizing industry standard software, flip the script from the traditional talking heads on screen to dynamic and rich animation to drive your message, keyframed to music and deliverable to any platform whether TV, the web, or over social media.


Video Editing

Telling a story through the process of manipulating and arranging a myriad of digital assets, composing art for broadcast, the web, or the silver screen. Currently employing Adobe Premiere Pro CC.


Art Direction

Managing the creative process, providing clarity and definition to what otherwise could become an unorganized and ineffective message versus producing a visual product, e.g., a publication, media or digital communication that hits your intended target and leaves a mark.

$75-100 per hr.

Hire a professional with 20-years experience

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